Meet the Teacher

Welcome to MYC Singapore! 

Delivering valuable and thoroughly enjoyable co-learning experiences, Music for Young Children (MYC) enriches lives through music learning. It's the only child-centered program to integrate keyboard, singing, creative movement, rhythm, ear training, sight-reading, music theory and composition.

MYC music programs have been proven to enhance children's social development and learning skills, improve memory and problem-solving, and bolster confidence and self-esteem.

Quotient Infinity – Begins with Music is pleased to introduce MYC music programs to all the children in Singapore at

2 Sembawang Crescent
#04-02 Jelutung Community Club
Singapore (757632)
Tel : 61006316.

If you're considering music education for your child, please call 61006316 or visit for more information of MYC music programs - the choice for more than 24,000 students around the world!

Join a new generation of music educators!

If you are interested to be a MYC LICENSED TEACHER, please call 61000306 for more information.

MYC is exclusively licensed and distributed in Singapore by Quotient Infinity Holdings Pte. Ltd.